The First Chapter: The Garden Noise

It was a gorgeous morning in Glasgow, and the light was just breaking through the clouds. Hanna had fallen deep asleep, dreaming of unicorns and rainbows, when she was startled awake by a loud commotion in the garden. She sat up in bed, blinking her drowsy eyes and attempting to comprehend what she had heard.

As she stumbled to the window, she noticed a cluster of creatures in the garden. They were conversing in a language that she had never heard before. But, to her surprise, she realised she could understand them.

“Please, help us!” one of the creatures pleaded, staring up at her. “We need your help to save the world.”

Hanna was taken aback. These critters could communicate and required her assistance. She rubbed her eyes once more, unsure if she was still dreaming.

“We are the Gabers,” the creature said further. “We are a magical species that has spent centuries living in a hidden world.” But our world is in peril, and we need your assistance to save it.”

Hanna was filled with a sensation of amazement and exhilaration. She’d never heard of the Gabers before, but she knew she was about to go on an unbelievable trip.

“How can I help?” she eagerly inquired, leaning out the window to get a better look at the Gabers.

“We need your help finding a crystal that has the power to save our world,” Gaber responded. “However, it is hidden in a dangerous location, and we cannot reach it alone.” Will you assist us?”

Hanna realised she had to help the Gabers without hesitating. She immediately nodded, feeling a sense of purpose and adventure she had never felt before.

“I’ll do it,” she promised. “I’ll help you find the crystal and save your world.”

And with those words, she began a journey that would take her to a magical world filled with wonder, danger, and the possibility of saving an entire species from destruction.

The First Chapter: A Surprising Awakening

Hanna was awakened by the sound of rustling in the garden. She rubbed her eyes and looked out the window, but there was nothing outside. She was ready to fall asleep again when she heard an odd noise. It sounded like a hybrid of a growl and a purr.

She sat up and paid close attention. The sounds came from outside. Hanna was intrigued and got out of bed to explore. She went outdoors and looked about, but she couldn’t find anything.

She was abruptly roused by a voice calling her name. When she turned around, she noticed a little, fuzzy animal peering up at her. Although it possessed wings like a dragon, its appearance was more akin to that of a teddy bear.

Hanna, hello,” the creature greeted. “Glimmer is my name. My name is Gaber.

Hanna felt astonished. This was something she had never seen before. She inquired, “What’s a Gaber?”

Glimmer said, “We’re magical creatures. “We are from a vastly different world than yours. But Hanna, we need your assistance. We require your assistance to save our planet, which is in peril.

Hanna found it intriguing. She questioned, “What kind of danger?”

Glimmer paused. It’s difficult to describe, she remarked. But we need your assistance to locate a gem that has the power to save our world.

Hanna was awestruck. She had always yearned for an adventure, and it appeared as though one had come to her now. I’ll assist you, she assured. But I have no knowledge of your world. How can I assist?

We’ll demonstrate, Glimmer said. But first, we must awaken Gaia, your sister. She must accompany us as well.

In order to wake up her sister, Hanna nodded before returning inside. She pondered what type of adventure might be in waiting as she went.

She had no idea, however, that this was merely the start of a much longer trip that would lead her to a world beyond what she had ever imagined. She was also unaware that her grandmother, Evana, had vanished abruptly three days earlier and had left behind a cryptic note that suggested she had ties to the Gabers.

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